Mor Ho!

Mor ho! Tournament of nations is an absolutely unique project of our historical archery group Aquilas. This international cultural and sport event, which goes far beyond the borders of any category, city, country or even continent, has, under our humble knowledge, no equivalent in World history. Bow, as a weapon and a tool of war separated nations of the World for millennias. In spite of this, there are very few inventions in human history, which pushed our race forward like the bow did. The goal of the Mor ho! tournament is not only to find the best historical archers of the present time, best archery nation, but mainly to use the bow not as a tool of war and separation but as a tool of sport and culture, which will bring all the participating nations and archers together. Bow, and the historical archery are the cultural heritage, more or less, of almost all nations. Archery, from the dawn of our civilization, has evolved in those, who master this skill many other positive mental and physical qualities. From the first cave drawings through the oldest Egyptian hieroglyphs is archery, as a royal discipline connected with man, accompany him through the centuries on his path of evolution of civilizations and did not disappear even today, when still fulfilling also in this modern World the role of education in respect, sense for fair-play, mental balance and physical aptitude. Our tournament, which we hope will be up to pay the tribute to this historical phenomenon, which spread independently on all continents of the World throughout the history of mankind, want to be also a celebration of human progress and wisdom, which moved the bow from the battlefields to the fields of sport and historical tournaments, where today has the power to make from old enemies friends again. We invite all traditional and historical archers of the World to come here, to the heart of Europe, to enrich this gathering of ours, to enjoy together with us this beautiful and unique sport undertaking, our magnificent Slovak nature, our World-famous hospitality, our cultural heritage as well as the cultural heritage of all participating nations.

The tournament itself consist of three main parts. The path of archer is a discipline of dynamic archery in which each participant show his/her skills on a 1.4km long track filled with 15 targets. Traditional and historical archery will include 25 precise replicas of historical targets of nations around the World. Clout shooting is a well-known discipline of historical archery which will examine the participants in shooting on a horizontal target for a greater distance. The tournament will also include a separate competition in flight shooting.

Accompanying events of the tournament will be

  • public archery range, where the historical and traditional archery will be available to visitors of the tournament,
  • the biggest village of traditional craftsmanship ever gathered in the modern history of Slovakia, and
  • medieval feast for the participants, which will provide the opportunity not only to taste the marvelous old time Slovak cuisine, but also enjoy a beautiful cultural evening with old and also new friends

We are looking forward to see you in Slovakia

David Filip
Director of the tournament

Basic info:
date: 31. 8. 2017 – 3. 9. 2017
location: Castle park Hlohovec, Slovakia
organizer: Historical archery group from Hlohovec Castle Aquilas
coorganizer: Hlohovec cultural center
partners: World traditional archery federation, City of Hlohovec, Ministry of defense of the Slovak republic, Hotel Jeleň

All other necessary info can be found in the rules of the tournament available for download

The Castle park is located directly in the city of Hlohovec and right next to the longest Slovak river Váh on an area of more than 16 hectares. The park is a Slovak cultural heritage founded and planted in early 1800s by the count Jofeph Erdedy. It is the biggest platanus alley in central Europe.

City of Hlohovec is located 40 minutes’ drive by car from the M.R. Štefánik international airport Bratislava (our Capital city) and 70 minutes’ drive from Schwechat international airport Vienna (Austrian capital city).

In case of exhaust the accommodation capacities in Hlohovec, available are hotels and pensions in surrounding cities Nitra, Trnava and Pieštany which are distant from the tournament site less than 30 minute drive.

Slovakia is a member of European Union and Schengen space.

We use Euro as a currency, official language is Slovak language.

The starting fee is 50 euros for men/women and 30 euros for juniors under 14 years of age. Accompanying persons and visitors are free of charge. This starting fees serves us to provide the catering for the participants (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning) and the medieval feast Saturday evening. They also provide the necessary material equipment of the tournament. Each participant gets few presents from our sponsors.

More info about the tournament site, the city of Hlohovec and Slovakia you can find on the links bellow.

Turnaj národov
Tournament of nations
Tурнир народов