Slovak open tournament in traditional Asian archery

Although Slovakia is small, Asian traditional archery doesn’t belong to the most favorite one here, and despite Corona everywhere, our group on 5th of September managed to gather enough gourmets of traditional archery to organize the 1. Slovak open tournament in Asian traditional archery.
Weather was the best possible. Company detto. And it all sounds like a start of a beautiful tradition here…
The tournament was definitely not only about shooting arrows. As it never should be. It was real fun. For everyone. And educating at the same time.
I would like to thank members of my group Aquilas, for their hard, skillful work, endeavor and energy to make this unique event happen. Also of course all the participants for coming and also all our supporters around the World recognizing Slovakia and our group on the Traditional archery map. I honestly hope to see you all soon here with us on our next
tournaments. Enjoy the pics 🙂