Space: min. 15×25 meters
Capacity: 4-10 people (in 1 run)
Duration: 1 hour – 2 days (possibility of more runs with breaks)
Staff: 2 – 5 archers
Indoor, outdoor (with consideration of the weather)

Workshop Workshop can be a private or public event. It lies much higher demands on the instructors then simple archery range, but the participants leave with much more experience and skills. In general, here is quantity replaced with quality and are often attractive also for spectators. Workshops are not able to conduct in later – evening hours due to inadequate light conditions (except for cases when the sufficient artificial light is provided). They are popular way of learning and training for beginners and advanced traditional and historical archers.

Head instructor with his staff in historical costumes provide all participants of the workshop with bows of proper strength, arrows of proper length and protective accessories. The site consists also of safety net(s), targets, shooting lines, flags and battle flag of our group.

During the workshop, participants are always instructed in safety rules with handling a bow in the first place and then receive a short theoretical lesson about the instinctive – historical archery (length of lesson depends on duration of the workshop). After short preview, all participants conduct shooting from historical bow from different distances on different targets. Workshop can include interesting information (lesson) from history of archery.

In the next stage, participants practice dynamic archery shooting and group (battle) archery. This part is very popular among the participants as well as spectators.

The last part of the workshop is usually a small contest between participants, where they can show and compare their new gained skills.

Workshop is not accessible for drunken people or children under 10 years of age.