The Proglas of Hlohovec


To all free men of lands near and far is to recognized
that the Castle of Hlohovec was by the new and old, powerfull and brave colonized.
From the depths of ages we all came to You
to bring back the glory of those times we once knew.
Knowing under dust hard work is waiting for us,
all of our hands are already restlessly massed.
Our colours and our names remember very well,
and from now on, until eternity in high respect all of them have.
From its own ruins, the realm of our fathers will rise once again,
and will return where it belongs, to the line of guarding stands.
Cause we, the protectors and guardians of the Hlohovec Castle,
Fear no more enemies, nor death, nor any muscles.
And therefore remember, you, who is coming from near and far,
If in peace approaching, enter, if with foul thoughts, you´re gonna die.
Bows of ours, mighty and swift as the lightning will arrows throw
swords of ours will cut through the meat in a row.
But if you greetings and gifts to our Castle and glorious fellowship bring,
at the gates with your head up high be welcomed with your generous entering.
For be aware, that the Eagle archers and the Underground folk
the friends and the enemies always diferently walk.
And so, all men of good will, let us celebrate this magnificient day,
cause our beloved Castle, will come trough a beautiful change.

And you, who think you´re up to enhance our ranks
dont worry, you will surely soon get your own chance.

Hlohovec Castle
August 10th year of the lord 2015

Grandmaster of the Eagle archers David