Info – 25. May

Today we have several important news for You connected with our tournament.

This amount and their importance forced us to change the posters of our event.

On our Tournament of nations, as a response to requests from three nations (the national team of Germany is complete 🙂 ) we create a historical camp for participating archers. This camp will serve as a place for raising own tents of the participants as their private accommodation during the whole tournament. This camp will be fenced, on a private place, without access of public a with access to toilets and showers. For the needs of our tournament, will be as historical tents accepted, and due to maintain the character of our event allowed only tents of model year 1899 or older. The camp will be raised as an alternative for accommodation of the participants. Organizer will not provide any own tents. In the camp will be due to protection of health and lives of its inhabitants and the environment announced camp order. This camp order will be publish in advance. Precise time of opening and closing of the camp will be also publish later. For organization reasons, participants have to register and report their tents 30 days prior to the beginning of the tournament. The accommodation in own tent within camp borders is free of charge for participating archers.

Organizers of the Tournament of nations also announce the best historical and traditional costume contest.
In this contest can participate all archers as well as all visitors of our event. Special commission will list all registered costumes and the winners of this contest will be announced during the closing ceremonial of announcing the winners of the tournament. For winners of this contests awaits interesting rewards 🙂 Due to unique character of our event we also decided to fill the participants time during the evenings with culture. Beside the already announced medieval feast which will take place on 2nd of September we are adding Slovak cultural evening, during which will be in popular and interesting way presented traditions and cultural heritage of the organizing country – Slovakia. This evening will be held on 31th of August. On Friday 1st of September we decide to create space via international cultural evening to all participants of the tournament from all countries to present the best from their own national culture, traditions, and introduce themselves better to us all. We will try to prepare the best conditions possible.

And now the last news.
Inside the craftsmen village, which will be open during the whole tournament, we decided to allow the participants to present their own handmade craftsmanship. This mean that our village of Slovak traditional craftsmanship will be transformed into village of World traditional craftsmanship. Here we just have to inform, that registered archers due to the program of the tournament will not have the time to serve their “workshops” during the whole tournament. (You will need additional personnel). Also participants of the tournament which are going to present their own handmade creations on their own stands inside the craftsmen village have to register at least 30 days before the tournament start. All this changes are shortly mentioned in our new banner of the event. If You have any questions, please, don’t hesitate to ask. We also kindly ask potential participants, which plan to come to our tournament not to hesitate with their registration. It helps us to prepare our event better and faster.

Thank You.