Info – 18. april

I would like to ask already registered and also potential participants of the tournament to look closely on the news we release on Facebook and also on this website of the tournament. Lately you can learn that we are changing and enhancing the catering for all participants as follows:

Thursday 31th August
We want no one to starve. Many participants will arrive from great distance not familiar with the town, so small tasty refreshment will await you directly on the place of registration.
Friday 1st September
Full day catering (breakfast, lunch, dinner) is moved to more propriate indoor place circa 15 minutes walk from the tournament site. On this new place we will be able to provide even better comfort of catering, absolutely independent on outside weather with even better background and services.
Saturday 2nd September
Breakfast will be at the same place as Friday. Lunch, due to organization of the tournament will be solved via packages which participants will prepare and pack by them self directly during the breakfast according their own taste to prepared containers. Dinner will be, as mentioned in the rules of the tournament, in form of medieval feast on the same place as the rest of the catering.
Sunday 3th September
Breakfast similar as days before, in comfort of indoor place. This day we add lunch which will be served after Clout and Flight disciplines on the same indoor place.

This indoor place will allow us during the whole tournament take better care for you, on higher level and, in case of bad weather, it will be here, where the winners ceremony will be held.

This location is in direct line between the castle garden and special archery range for Clout and Flight shooting, what means that the march to this range on Sunday will take less time. Also, this dining place is comfortly accessable by car with enough parking place.

This changes will also make the organization of the whole tournament more easier and smoother and were allowed thanks to help of our catering partner Hotel Jeleň Hlohovec.